Landhaus Meine Auszeit in Bodenmais

Landhaus Meine Auszeit (translated "My break") is a guesthouse/ bed&breakfast  situated in a friendly colourful village called Bodenmais, in the Bavarian Woods of Germany. For years Bodenmais has been a very popular destination. You will find a lot of options for relaxing, sports, daytrips and going out for dinner, as well in wintertime as in summertime. Bodenmais offers you a perfect all-season-destination! By (rental)car Bodenmais can easily be reached. Munich Airport is approximately 1,5 hrs. away.

Visit to learn more about the region. Or check our photo-pages.

We offer not just comfortable, cosy regular rooms but also rooms suitable for disabled people. We provide you with a bathroom that specifies for wheelchair users, people who have difficulties walking and need more space etc. It is possible to let the room be adjusted to your wishes, e.g. by placing "high-low" beds, shower-stretcher or patient lifter.

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For whom?

Landhaus Meine Auszeit is recommended for people who:

  • Like to stay in a comfortable guesthouse without a lot of noise
  • Want to stay nearby restaurants and  the village centre (5 minute walk)
  • Like to receive advice about daytrips
  • Are looking for a place where they know about your wishes and needs about health problems or disabilities
  • Are looking for a room and bathroom without barriers

We are proud to be the first house in Bodenmais that's situated on a hill, offering access for wheelchair users (or people with walking difficulties) by using a practical platform elevator. It brings you up from our parking lot to the house. It is important to realise that our parking lot is easy to reach for non- disabled people, but wheelchair users do need a car to reach it (the way up is too steep for wheelchair users).

That's good to know

We are a non-smoking house. Smoking (tobacco, e-cigarette etc) is only allowed on the balcony of your own room.

Pets are not allowed.

Regular Rooms

Most room types come in type A or B. The difference is the position and square meters, you will find the same quality standards for equipment and decoration in every room.

Double room type A or B

  • Standard equipped with two boxspring beds (90x200cm) which can be separated, ca 60 cm high
  • Comfortable chairs and handy cabinet
  • Sat TV and free WLAN
  • Private shower, toilet and sink
  • Balcony (southwest or southeast)

There is also one single room available.

Room service (cleaning and towel change on request): 3 times a week.

Barrier-free rooms

We offer two barrier-free rooms. Both rooms come with spacious bathrooms with wheelchair access. Each room has a terrace (southwest), comfortable chairs, handy cabinet en WLAN internet access. Room service (cleaning and towel change on request) will be provided 3 days a week.

Double room type A

  • Barrier-free double room, 31 m2 (including bathroom, 9,2 m2)
  • Perfect for two people with walking disabilities or for wheelchair users
  • Coming through the entrance door (approx. 90 cm wide) you reach a portal (approx. 2.10 m wide)
  • The portal offers you space to store an extra wheelchair or patient lift
  • The portal has a second door (approx. 80 cm wide), that leads to the double room
  • The portal las also a third -sliding-door (approx. 82 cm wide) that leads to the bathroom
  • Standard equipped with two box spring beds (90x200 cm), approx. 60 cm high
  • Enough space next to the bed(s) to operate an patient lifter or use a wheelchair

Double room type B

  • Barrier-free double room, 26 m2 (including bathroom, 7.4 m2)
  • Coming though the entrance door (approx.90 cm wide) you reach a short hall (approx.1,20 cm wide)
  • The hall has a second door (approx. 80 cm wide), that leads to the double room
  • The hall has also a third -sliding-door (approx. 88 cm wide) that leads to the bathroom
  • Standard equipped with two box spring beds (90x200 cm), approx. 60 cm high
  • For wheelchair users who need a "high-low bed" we advice this room as a single room so you will have enough space to operate an patient lift or use a wheelchair

Optional articles

It is possible to rent "high-low beds", a patient lift, a shower stretcher or (in room type A) a third regular bed. Please contact us if you have specific questions.


The aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald, a valuable additional for your holiday!

Landhaus Meine Auszeit offers her guests a free service, the aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald*!

  • This card allows you to use the (indoor) swimming pool "Silberberg-bad" for free during three hours! Even the outdoor pool during the summer period is free to use for owners of the aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald.
  • The "Silberbergbad" is equipped with a modern sauna-complex, entrance for card users is free as well.
  • With the aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald you can visit also other swimmingpools in the area and a lot more other leisure facilities.

It's obvious, by using this card regularly you will save a lot of money!

The Vital-Zentrum, new energy is the key

Being active in a healthy way, that's what it is all about these days. Another top product of Bodenmais that offers you a way to reduce the daily stress. A lot of different activities/ courses for all ages are offered. Compare to other German holiday areas this is unique, again it is free for guests!! (Just show your guestcard that is handed to you by your host). You don't even have to make reservations to join one of the courses!

You will find the Vital-zentrum next to the Silberberg-bad (the two buildings are connected through a glass wall passage).

* The aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald will be printed on the backside of your guestcard

Prices rooms (and what you need to know)


You will find our pricelist "Rooms 2023-2024" here.

Please note:

  • Prices include VAT, prices don't include touristtax
  • Prices are per person per night
  • Prices are valid from a minimum stay of 4 nights. In case of short-stay (3 nights or less) €9,00 is added per person (age 3 years or older) per night
  • During Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and Corpus Christi the minimum stay is 4 nights, during Christmas, New Year and Carnival the minimum stay is 7 nights.

This is what you get as well;

  • Rich and varied (continental) breakfast
  • AktivCARD Bayerischer Wald (e.g. free access Silberberg-bad)
  • WLAN internet access in your room

Doubleroom as singleroom

  • If you like to rent a double room as a single room, the price will be the price for two adults with a 20% discount. This rate is also applicable in the situation of one person who stays in a room with a child aged 0-3 years old

Children 0-3 years

  • Free of charge if the child stays in the room with one or two paying persons. A child (0-3 years) in the room with two other people is only possible in room types Barrier-free A. If you like we can place one additional cot in this room type.

A third person (adult or child from 3 years or older) in a double room

  • If you like we can place one additional regular bed for one person in the room type Comfort A. (Additional beds are not possible in other rooms).The price for this third person is 75% of the price as applicable to type of room and season

Tourist tax (Kurbeitrag)

Tourist tax has to be paid cash at the end of your stay. Price changes reserved

  • Persons aged 16 years or older : €3.60 per person per night
  • Persons aged 6 to 15 years: €1.80 per person per night
  • Persons with 100% disability : €1.80 per person per night
  • Children under 6 years old : free


If you wish to make a booking online, press the button „Search & Book" (or click here) and fill out the requested information. Our bookingprogram does not provide English translation (sorry) but you will find some instructions how to use it. Of course you can also contact us by phone for any bookings.

General Conditions / Booking Conditions Rooms 2023-2024

Please read our general conditions / booking conditions carefully. When you make a reservation you automatically agree with these conditions.


When you make a reservation as a guest or representative of a group (e.g. as a representative of a travel agency) and it is confirmed by us, you close a legal agreement, the "guest-contract".

This guest-contract regulates mutual rights and obligations and can only be dissolved, as by all agreements, with the agreement of both parties.

Closing this guest-contract creates the following rights and obligations:

  • The guest-contract is final once the reservation has been made (regardless type of contact, e.g. written, oral spoken or per e-mail) and confirmed by Landhaus Meine Auszeit per E-mail.
  • The guest-contract is also final if as a result of a too short period of time, a confirmation (by E-mail or post) is impossible while in the meantime a room has been reserved and prepared for you
  • Closing of the guest-contract requires both parties to implement the agreement in accordance with the duration for which it is closed.
  • Landhaus Meine Auszeit is committed to a compensation in case it cannot deliver the ordered room. This compensation can be another room type, at least equivalent to the ordered room.
  • If it is reasonable that at the agreed day of arrival the quest will not be there to claim his room, Landhaus Meine Auszeit retains the right to rent to room to others, to avoid vacancy. Until the moment this actually takes place, the guest is required to adhere to the payment of the amount as calculated as a cancellation.


25 % of the total accommodation price is required to be paid in advance by bank transfer. The amount is composed of:

  • Overnight rate per person per day
  • Rental of optional items (e.g. patient lift, shower stretcher)

The costs of tourist tax are not included here. You pay these costs at the end of your stay.

The prepayment has to be received by us within 7 days from the day of booking. If you wish, you can of course also pay the total accommodation price at once.

Paying the remaining amount

With a minimum of 8 days before arrival, the remaining amount (75% of the total accommodation price) has to be received by bank transfer.

Tourist tax (Kurbeitrag)

Prices are excluding tourist tax. The tax is a mandatory fee and is intended to be paid at the end of your stay. Current rates can be found on our website at the price list. Note that on tax discount rates (e.g. long stay discount) are not applicable.

Payment in situations without reservation

If you stay at Landhaus Meine Auszeit without a reservation, you are required to pay the total amount and any additional costs (e.g. for renting optional items) at the end of your stay. However Landhaus Meine Auszeit reserves the right to request an advance payment of 100% in cases without reservation.


Cancellation of your booking must take place in writing (email or fax). Depending on the moment of cancellation the costs are:

  • 0% of the total accommodation price up to 60 days before arrival
  • 25% of the total accommodation price 60 to 28 days before arrival
  • 50% of the total accommodation price 28 to 14 days before arrival
  • 80% of the total accommodation price in 14 days or less before arrival

The above percentages are calculated on the total price of accommodation excluding taxes.

The above percentages and time periods apply only if your booking was created through our website. If you are travelling through a travel agency or with a group, it's possible that other percentages and/or time periods apply. Please ask your tour operator.

We strongly recommend a travel- and cancellation insurance (ask your own insurer).

Arrival and departure

Arrival and departure count as one day. On the day of your arrival your room will be available from 15.00 in the afternoon. On the day of departure we kindly ask you to leave the room before 10.00 in the morning.

Refund for early departure

Landhaus Meine Auszeit cannot refund money or give discount in case you leave earlier than planned.

More than two people in a room

Our rooms can accommodate up to two people. More than two people in a room we cannot allow. Only in the room type Comfort A is a possibility to place (max.) one additional bed for a third person.

Placing a cot for children up to 3 years

A cot (for children up to 3 years) can only be placed in the Barrier free room Type A. (Maximum one cot).

AktivCARD Bayerischer Wald & other activities

Landhaus Meine Auszeit is aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald Host, this card is handed to you by us at the beginning of your stay. Many leisure facilities are offered free of charge on presentation of the aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald, e.g. the pool of Bodenmais (three hours) and several other swimming pools, museums, ski lifts and sports activities.

Please be aware that all activities offered (such as aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald but also, for example, Vital Zentrum, Guti, etc.) are external services for which we assume no liability. In view of the described services of the aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald and (GUTi) guest card, neither the publisher nor Landhaus Meine Auszeit is obliged to provide services to the cardholder. Therefore, they do not have the status of a package tour operator

What else you should know about aktivCARD Bayerischer Wald:

  • The aktivCARD can not be transferred
  • The scope of service may be limited due to weather and operational conditions
  • For a complete overview (German language) of all terms of use of the aktivCARD, please click here or look at


Pets are not allowed.


Landhaus Meine Auszeit is a non-smoking house. Smoking (tobacco, e-cigarette etc) is only allowed on your own terrace or balcony and not inside the house. It is also not permitted to smoke on the communal terrace.

If you leave a "smoky room" behind at the end of your stay, we are unfortunately forced to charge €250 euro extra cost for final cleaning.

Determinations regarding liability wheelchair users

You book your vacation at a house that is barrier-free on the ground floor, so wheelchair users are very welcome. It is important to realize that Landhaus Meine Auszeit is situated on a slope and that you will experience altitude differences on our site as well as in Bodenmais. For wheelchair users our site is only accessible by car. In particular, the ramp between Buchenweg and our site/ our parking area, including the path to the main entrance, is too steep to use a wheelchair (whether you drive yourself or somebody is pushing the wheelchair).

Please be expressly aware that driving a wheelchair (whether you drive yourself or somebody is pushing the wheelchair) both on our site or on other grounds, is an activity for which Landhaus Meine Auszeit accepts no liability. On the site of Landhaus Meine Auszeit is a platformlift (TÜV approved) which is suitable for wheelchair users. It's maximum load is 300 kilo's. The use of the platformlift is at your own risk and only permitted for guests who use a wheelchair or are otherwise unable to use the normal access by path or stairs. Of course we are happy to assist you with the platformlift if needed.

Other determinations regarding liability

The use of our parking area, site, house, stairs and interior is at your own risk. For damage to the room or other spaces caused by the guest (or persons for whom he / she is responsible) during his /her stay, the quest is entirely responsible. We are not liable for damages (e.g. burglary, theft or fire) regarding personal belongings of guests. For failure or malfunction due to force majeure in heating, water and electricity we accept no liability. Also we accept no liability for continued reliability of ISP, electrical equipment, satellite TV and other electric equipment.

Of course we want you to have a hassle-free holiday. That's why we ask you to notify us immediately after discovering any defects, so we can resolve the issue and you will experience a nice stay!

Snowfall and parking

During snowfall the street "Buchenweg" is basically cleared from snow by the municipality on a daily basis. About the snow clearing and use of gritting materials on our own site: we try to perform this to the best of will and conscience. The location of Landhaus Meine Auszeit on a slope can make that sometimes difficult, especially at the parking areas and the path to the main entrance.

In case you want to use extra salt or want to do some "snow shuffling" yourself we provide materials for this purpose. Nevertheless Landhaus Meine Auszeit accepts no liability for personal injury or property damage. The use of our parking area is at your own risk. If you park on the sloping part we recommend the use of snow chains.

Personal data

Your personal data will only be used by Landhaus Meine Auszeit serving your booking, the payment of taxes to the municipality Bodenmais and sending an newsletter to the email address you provided. You can at any time unsubscribe from receiving the newsletter. Your personal data won't be handed over to any other third parties.

Competent court of law is located in Viechtach. German law applies.

These "General Conditions / Booking Conditions Rooms" replace all versions of previous years.

About us

Landhaus Meine Auszeit is a guesthouse where the focus on people is important.

We, Joost Lafeber and Kim de Vries have been active for years in healthcare and education. Our professions used to be occupational therapist, nurse, teacher and manager. We have a lot of experience with physically and mentally handicapped people (children and adults) in healthcare and education. We also used to work, as well as professionally as volunteer-based, for a travel agency, specialized in holiday travel for young people. This is how we can make a difference in hosting. We understand your needs and wishes and are certainly willing to help you. Landhaus Meine Auszeit offers a fine destination for everyone!

Landhaus Meine Auszeit makes it possible, let us welcome you!


If you have specific questions about prices, conditions, how to book a room or the accessibility of our house, please contact us here. We speak English, German and Dutch.

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Twilight Memories (doraartem)
Twilight Memories (doraartem)
Twilight Memories (doraartem)
Twilight Memories (doraartem)
Twilight Memories (doraartem)
Twilight Memories (doraartem)
Twilight Memories (doraartem)
Twilight Memories (doraartem)