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Book online your holiday at Landhaus Meine Auszeit in Bodenmais

  1. Please decide first the type of room you would like to book (regular or barrier-free) by clicking the room photos on our website (menu: Zimmer or Kamers). Prices are also listed on our website. Then make your booking on this page starting by entering the day of arrival and departure and the number of persons.
  2. Continue to fill out your personal information.
  3. After checking that you agree with the booking terms and conditions (including cancellation terms) you can make the definitive booking by clicking "kostenpflichtig buchen". The booking will be processed directly online.

Please Note:

  • When booking for 1 or 2 persons (adults = Erwachsene) in the same room, fill out one or two persons
  • You can book up to 2 persons in one room
  • When booking for 3,4 or 5 people in two or more rooms...please make for each room a separate booking
  • When booking for 3 people in the same room please contact us first
  • Children can only be booked in this program in combination with at least one adult. In case you are a family with two adults and two children you book twice the combination of a room for an adult with a child. Of course you can decide on site how you want to divide the number of people on the rooms.

If you prefer booking by phone or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we are happy to help you!